sun shower sandals

July 30, 2010

in Weather

Sun Shower Sandals   |   Mesmerising Moments

The other half is back with the shopping in the car. I go to help, stocking feet jammed sideways in sandals.

The sky wears a light-grey uniform, the air is forest green. Millions of raindrops tree-reflecting in the sun.

It’s a sun shower!

We dump shopping bags and head for the garden.

On the soaked grass, head back and arms wide, toes dampen due to sandal overhang. Tips of heels too.

My feet are uncomfortable but I don’t hear them over the soft rain hiss kissing my face and lips. Without travelling, I’ve come home.

Even if you only get a minute (in this case it was five) if the light is calling and the rain is soft get outside, be refreshed, wash away and reconnect. It’s time to come home.

The photograph was taken during this Mesmerising Moment.

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