The refurb was over and done with quickly enough. The site was ready to go back online. Then I moved house.

That is pandemonium.

It didn’t have to be, it never has to be, but it always seems to turn out that way.

Life is calming down, although the refurbishment of the house will take longer than the site! Makes it easier when a new sky provides Mesmerising Moment after Mesmerising Moment. (It is quite a distraction.)

So this is my new sky.

All images taken on an iPhone.


Software updates and a little refurb.

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badger birds

Thumbnail image for badger birds

A first time visitor to the bird feeder – and he brought some friends!

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A surprising visitor when sitting on a bench, but, shhhhh…

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tweedledum and tweedledee

Thumbnail image for tweedledum and tweedledee

Two house sparrows on the bird feeder remind me of childhood favourites.

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wet and windy

Thumbnail image for wet and windy

After a day staring at the screen, a dance under trees in the rain and wind is what I need.

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a mesmerising christmas

Thumbnail image for a mesmerising christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house….

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wild horses of newbury

A mesmerising, heart-breaking and galvanising moment.

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solstice ice

Thumbnail image for solstice ice

An ice cold MM from guest and nature photographer, Jason Smalley

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snow glow

Thumbnail image for snow glow

Snow, streetlights and trees combine for a moment of magic.

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gemini sky

Thumbnail image for gemini sky

The Geminids have been a feast for meteor watchers.

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magic garden

Thumbnail image for magic garden

Veddw House Garden inspires tales of fairies and unicorns – a magical garden.

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jack frost’s tongue

Thumbnail image for jack frost’s tongue

Sometimes, the world stops. Like the earth is pausing between breaths.

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bird table bullies

Thumbnail image for bird table bullies

As a child I’d shoo them away so the robins and sparrows and finches could feed. Not now.

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blue feathers

Thumbnail image for blue feathers

A first time visitor to the garden, maybe. Certainly the first time I’ve seen a Jay.

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